Johnny Depp Honors a Terminally Ill ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Fan: ‘Sail on, My Fellow Captain,’ said the captain.

The famed actor Johnny Depp recently bid farewell to one of his closest fans, Kori Stovell, in a moving tribute.

The 60-year-old actor posted on Instagram to mourn the death of the 11-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

Kori, who had suffered from cardiac disease since birth and had undergone two failed heart transplants, was under hospice care.

Depp expressed his feelings in a black-and-white Instagram video, stating, “Sail on, my fellow captain!!” Your life was a blessing to all of us. Even in the face of hardship, your unflinching tenacity and tenacious spirit have left us humbled and in wonder.”

Kori, lovingly nicknamed “Captain Kori” by Depp, was featured in the moving video during one of their discussions facilitated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Depp also made a movie for Kori, uploaded to the young boy’s YouTube channel, “Kraken The Box.”

Depp said, “Through your grace, humor, profound wisdom, and unmatched resilience, you have shown us all how to navigate life’s challenges.”

“We shall reunite upon the vastest of oceans, my friend,” he said, emphasizing Kori’s warrior power. Now and forever, with all my love and undying respect! JD, yours genuinely.”

The Make-A-Wish Foundation reached Depp with a specific request while Kori was in hospice care.

Depp gladly reacted by appearing in a video dressed as his renowned Pirates of the Caribbean character, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp wished Kori luck in the touching video, saying, “I am your ultimate supporter, Capt. Kori.” According to the source, Kori, a Captain Jack Sparrow enthusiast, found consolation and motivation in viewing the Pirates of the Caribbean films amid his repeated heart surgeries and subsequent recoveries.

Kori had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which meant that his heart’s left side had not generally formed at birth.

Despite receiving heart transplants in 2018 and 2020, his body rejected both organs, resulting in his untimely death.

Kori’s mother, Pixi, emphasized her family’s sadness, saying, “We are shattered, beyond words, by this unbearable loss.”

Pixi uploaded a sad video on Sunday, immediately after Kori died, in which she stated that her son had gently passed away, wearing his beloved captain’s hat and carrying a pirate flag.

She expressed her gratitude to everyone who had helped Kori along the way. “He found joy and appreciation in the simplest of things,” she writes, “and we kindly request that his memory be cherished as he embarks on his greatest adventure yet.”

The friendship between Johnny Depp and his young fan, Captain Kori, exemplifies the enormous impact superstars can have on the lives of their fans.

Their bond transcended the silver screen during tragedy, giving Kori courage and inspiration.

As Johnny Depp bids his final farewell to Captain Kori, his touching homage will live on as a lasting memorial to the courageous spirit of a young warrior who touched many people’s hearts.