Meg Ryan, 61, is unrecognizable as she makes her first public appearance in six months.

Meg Ryan, a critically praised actress noted for her talent, made her acting debut in the film “Rich and Famous.” She recently completed a rare appearance, which left admirers with mixed emotions and opposing thoughts.

After being out of the public eye since November, the famous actress returned with her usual silky, straight blonde hair and flawless skin.

Her close friend, the renowned actor Michael J. Fox, was with her to support his new Apple+ film, which frankly tackles his battle with early Parkinson’s disease.

Meg Ryan arrived at the documentary screening in a meticulously picked ensemble that radiated flair and class. She wore a button-up jersey, a sleek black coat, plaid leggings, and big boots.

Nonetheless, despite her apparent fashion savvy, some internet watchers couldn’t help but notice her seemingly immaculate skin, prompting others to doubt her familiar appearance.

Meg Ryan has constantly denied having undergone cosmetic operations during her career. Certain rumors, however, have speculated about Ryan getting a nose job, lip injections, Botox treatments, or even a facelift.

Fans exclaimed that Ryan was “unrecognizable,” while others expressed their thoughts, adding, “Oh my God, she looks nothing like herself!” Aging gracefully without requiring surgical intervention is valuable.”

One observer noted that she was “completely different,” emphasizing the alterations in her facial features, such as her smaller eyes.

However, some fans of the actress realized that change is unavoidable with time, particularly regarding aging.

Given the mixed comments, one devoted fan applauded Meg Ryan for her adorable grin while freely admitting that, like any other person, she was prone to the effects of aging. They realized she would never look like she did when she was younger.

Despite the apparent differences that drew others’ attention, numerous admirers praised the actress with compliments, marveling at her great appearance at 61.

They praised her for having exceptionally flawless skin and a lovely smile. Another observer commented that she appeared to be pleased and to be in great shape.

In the end, Meg Ryan’s latest public appearance provoked a flurry of reactions from her devoted followers. While some questioned her appearance’s genuineness, others praised her for gracefully embracing aging.

Regardless of one’s point of view, one thing is sure: Meg Ryan continues to fascinate audiences with her talent and unmistakable beauty, both inside and out.