The daughters of Suzanne Morphew and her lover, Barry, have spoken out about their mother’s abduction.

The Morphew family has decided to break their long silence and confront the public three years after Suzanne Morphew’s strange disappearance and the subsequent dropping of murder charges against her husband, Barry.

Barry, who was initially charged with his wife’s murder in May 2021, is suspected of carrying out the horrible act on Mother’s Day in 2020 in the town of Salida when Suzanne was out on a bike ride. Despite a thorough search, Suzanne’s body has remained undiscovered.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against Barry last year after a court concluded that the district attorney’s office had violated evidence-sharing guidelines. At the moment, Barry and his daughters have taken advantage of the chance to shed light on the problem.

In a recent interview, Mallory and Macy Morphew, Suzanne Morphew’s kids, spoke openly about their mental struggles and the devastating impact the event has had on their lives.

Their emotions were characterized by intense anguish and confusion as they dealt with their mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Throughout this painful experience, the Morphew family has been subjected to unspeakable trauma. When asked about his involvement in Suzanne’s disappearance in the ABC interview, Barry categorically denied any involvement, underscoring that such charges were very upsetting and harmful to his character and integrity.

Mallory and Macy remained steadfast in their unshakable support for their father, declaring that they had never had any doubts about his innocence.

Barry criticized the prosecutors, claiming they had tunnel vision, focusing solely on him as a suspect while discounting alternative options.

In his sincere description, Barry characterized Suzanne as a loyal and sympathetic wife and mother who was dealing with the challenges of chemotherapy and medication therapies.

He admitted that Suzanne had made bad decisions and had an extramarital affair, activities that had caused him untold sorrow.

The Morphew family’s experiences have been nothing short of tragic, leaving them to cope with the profound loss of a cherished family member, exacerbated by the far-reaching implications of the criminal charges and relentless media attention.

According to her daughters, the most challenging component of Suzanne Morphew’s struggle has been navigating life without their loving mother.

Separately, Barry Morphew made a significant legal move by filing a federal civil rights case demanding $15 million in damages.

More than 20 prosecutors and law enforcement officials are accused in the case of collaborating to falsely arrest him, fabricate evidence, conceal conclusive proof, and conduct a negligent investigation, which resulted in Morphew’s unlawful indictment.

According to the legal complaint, Morphew was imprisoned for five months, then subjected to a GPS ankle monitor for another six months. He spent nearly a year defending himself against the criminal allegations.

His property is still in the possession of the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Department due to the ongoing investigation. The case specifically names Chaffee County, the sheriff’s department and board of commissioners, the eleventh Judicial District Judge Linda Stanley, her staff, and investigators from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI.

Morphew claims their joint actions have irreversibly harmed his name and reputation in Colorado and around the country.