Mick Jagger Remembers Charlie Watts mostly on Year of the Rolling Stones Drummer’s Passing

Jagger paid respect to his deceased drummer Mick Taylor by posting photographs and the Rolling Stones’ iconic song “Till the Next Goodbye” on social media. Taylor died at the age of 80 from an undiagnosed ailment.

The singer mentioned their friendship and recalled shared experiences outside their musical works.

Jagger spoke highly of Watts’ incredible talent and significant contributions to the famous band.

”My time with Charlie is one of my favorite memories. We used to do various activities together, from watching sports to hobbies that didn’t require music.

Despite our age gap, we had a terrific time together and laughed. His sense of humor was unique, and I will always cherish my time with him.

During this terrible moment, I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family. His death is a significant loss for me, and I know many others will feel the same way.

Even though we can’t be together in person anymore, he will always be my dear friend.”

Today, Mick Jagger paid respect to the late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts on social media. After the fantastic No Filter Tour last year, the band had just completed its 60th Anniversary Tour.

Steve Jordan took over the drums for both tours, while Don McAulay, Watts’ long-time drum tech, respectfully left his drum key in the same spot his master used to populate onstage.

These two shows served as a reminder of Charlie Watts’ importance to the band and how much he would be missed.

The Rolling Stones shared their grief on social media by posting a video of McAulay discussing Watts. Lead singer Mick Jagger paid homage to his late bandmate on stage in September 2021, reflecting kindly on conversations he and Watts had over the years.

Jagger told Rolling Stone that Watts made a unique sound that bands worldwide want to copy.

Without him, Jagger stated it was a significant loss for everyone who knew him and a particularly tough moment for The Rolling Stones members.

The terrible death of Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones’ famous drummer, surprised the band. Charlie had won through cancer just one year before his death.

The band revealed in October 2021 that they had recorded new songs with Charlie on drums before his demise.

Mick Jagger stated that fans had not heard the last of Charlie Watts since his music would live on for eternity. Keith Richards expressed his sorrow and wished God’s mercy on his soul.