Richard Gere’s “hero” father, who died months after celebrating his 100th birthday in a local restaurant, may you rest in peace.

Richard Gere is in mourning following the death of his father, Homer, who died at 100.

According to sources, Homer Gere, a dedicated volunteer in his hometown of North Syracuse, died on March 1 in Downstate, New York.

The relationship between Richard and his father is powerful and unique, with Homer driving and supporting Richard to achieve unprecedented heights in the Hollywood industry.

His ambition gave Richard the necessary push to finally become a recognized actor who has starred in various film roles over the years.

Homer George Gere, a respected character in North Syracuse who spent most of his life working to improve the town, died on March 1, 2023.

At the time of his death, he was 100 years old. Richard’s wife, Alejandra, broke the news four days later on social media.

Gere was well-known for his entrepreneurial abilities and generosity. After retiring at 65, he continued volunteering with North Area Meals on Wheels to assist those in need.

Gere continued to give significantly to the local community even after he retired. His legacy will live on in the hearts of everyone he touched.

The father of Hollywood actor Richard Gere, Homer Gere, died at 100. In different interviews, Richard had called his beloved father his “idol” and said that he and Homer had even been in a national ad for a non-profit organization together.

Richard and other family gathered at a restaurant to commemorate Homer’s 100th birthday. Even though the actor hasn’t said anything publicly about his father’s death, it’s safe to assume he’s sad.

Pastabilities, a popular cafe in Armory Square, will welcome Richard Gere in May 2022 to mark his father Homer’s centennial birthday celebration.

The restaurant captioned a photo of the historic occasion, “Richard Gere came into Pasta’s today to commemorate his father’s 100th birthday.”

Homer is supposed to have had such an impact on Richard’s life that he named his kid after him.

Regrettably, the 73-year-old actor was hospitalized while on vacation in Mexico with his wife, Alejandra Silva, and two daughters.

Richard Gere, the acclaimed actor from The American Gigolo, recently caught the flu while on vacation. It is thought to have been an extension of a pre-existing cough that had worsened in Mexico.

Naturally concerned, he immediately went to the hospital for a diagnosis and was admitted for observation. Thankfully, the actor was freed the next day after being monitored for some time and could return home.

We are thinking of Richard Gere and his family during this sad time, and we hope those happy memories of the past might help them cope with their loss.

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