We diligently collect these bags, stow them away in our pantries, and frequently forget about them until they overflow and clog our kitchens.

It’s a tiresome loop that never seems to finish. However, one Reddit user has surpassed their limit. Every single item in their latest Walmart pick-up order was separately packed in plastic bags.

This wasteful behavior drove them to vent their rage on r/extremelyinfuriating.

“What a colossal waste!” read the original message. Another member noticed the graphic that accompanied the post and thought it deserved to be shared on the r/anticonsumption forum.

Unsurprisingly, other users were also outraged by the obvious waste. The emotion spread throughout the online community, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Plastic bags are not only inconvenient to handle and dispose of, but they also have serious environmental consequences. Their negative influence is due to their known difficulties in recycling.

Due to the risk of blocking and harming machinery, most recycling centers, including those in charge of curbside plastic collection, do not accept plastic bags.

As a result, a substantial share of plastic bags frequently end up in the trash. Even when properly disposed of, just 5% of plastic garbage is recycled, prompting some to label plastic recycling a “failed concept.”

The bright side is that many grocery stores accept plastic bags for return, and there are numerous drop-off facilities for plastic films across the country.

Nonetheless, the ease of returning plastic bags does not outweigh the initial inconvenience of obtaining an excessive amount of bags in the first place. As a result, numerous people quickly empathized with the original Redditor’s frustration.

“I despise it when I specifically request as few bags as possible, only to have them interpret it as’stuff everything together in a single bag and then proceed to double bag every bag,’” one customer complains.

“It is truly mind-boggling that they went to the extent of individually bagging each item!” screams another.

The outpouring of support in response to the Redditor’s article highlights a widespread frustration with this wasteful packaging method.

It serves as a reminder that deliberate efforts are required to address this issue and develop alternatives that prioritize environmental sustainability.