One Day He Found His Wife Naked on Bed

A man returns home early from work one afternoon to find his wife spread out on the bed, puffing and panting.
“What are you doing?” the man inquires.

“Err,” she stammers back. “I… um… I think I’m having a heart attack!” “Oh,” cries the gullible husband, “quick, I’ll call an ambulance!” He runs downstairs, picks up the phone and begins dialing 911, when his son Johnny appears, sobbing his little heart out. “What’s the matter, son?” asks the father.

“Uncle James is in the closet with no clothes on, Daddy,” replies his tearful toddler. Enraged, the man runs back
upstairs, flings open the wardrobe and finds his brother there absolutely naked, just as his son had said.

“You bastard, Jim,” screams the man. “My wife is over there having a heart attack and you’re running around naked scaring Johnny!”

Here are some more jokes for you:

The Quantum Gardener Title: “Planting in Parallel Universes”

Why did the physicist become a gardener?

Because they realized that tending to plants was a lot like exploring quantum mechanics – a delicate balance of observation, uncertainty, and the magic of growth! Armed with a quantum watering can and a multiverse garden bed, the quantum gardener nurtured flowers that bloomed across parallel realities, proving that nature’s beauty transcends space and time.

The Time-Traveling Musician Title: “Harmonies Across Ages”

Why did the musician start using a time machine?

To compose and perform music that resonated through history, from ancient melodies to futuristic symphonies! Armed with an instrument that transcended eras, the time-traveling musician serenaded audiences across time, blending cultures, rhythms, and harmonies to create a timeless symphony of human expression.

The Philosophical Parrot Title: “Profoundly Feathered Philosopher”

Why did the parrot enroll in philosophy classes?

Because it wanted to take “winged wisdom” to new heights and explore the deeper questions of existence through squawks and chirps! Armed with a copy of Aristotle and a love for abstract pondering, the philosophical parrot became a beacon of enlightenment, teaching both humans and fellow birds to ponder the meaning of life.

The Time-Traveling Baker Title: “Bread Through Time”

Why did the baker use a time machine for their bakery?

To provide customers with freshly baked bread from any era, from ancient Egyptian pita to futuristic holographic baguettes! Armed with an oven that spanned centuries, the time-traveling baker kneaded dough across time, satisfying hunger while making history both delicious and educational.

The Acrobatic Librarian Title: “Flipping Through Pages and Air”

Why did the librarian join the circus?

Because they realized that arranging books on shelves was like orchestrating the perfect acrobatic routine – it required balance, precision, and a flair for the dramatic! Armed with a cartwheeling book trolley and an aerial bookshelf, the acrobatic librarian brought literacy to new heights while wowing audiences with gravity-defying stunts.

The Quantum Comedian Title: “Laughing in Multiple Dimensions”

Why did the comedian study quantum physics?

Because they found that delivering punchlines was a lot like observing particles – timing, uncertainty, and the observer’s perspective were key! Armed with quips that transcended time and space, the quantum comedian cracked jokes that left audiences laughing in alternate realities while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

The Martian Fashion Designer Title: “Fashion Forward on Mars”

Why did the fashion designer move to Mars?

To create space-inspired couture that was out of this world and prove that even the red planet could be a runway! Armed with a sewing machine that could handle zero-gravity fabrics and an eye for futuristic aesthetics, the Martian fashion designer transformed extraterrestrial landscapes into a canvas for avant-garde fashion statements.

The Time-Traveling Gardener Title: “Blooms Across Centuries”

Why did the gardener build a time machine?

To cultivate a garden that showcased the evolution of plant life throughout history, from prehistoric ferns to cybernetic roses of the future! Armed with seeds from across time, the time-traveling gardener nurtured a botanical time capsule that celebrated the beauty and resilience of flora throughout the ages.

The Juggling Astronomer Title: “Stellar Circus in the Sky”

Why did the astronomer take up juggling?

Because they realized that the universe was a cosmic juggling act, with planets, stars, and galaxies in constant motion! Armed with celestial juggling balls and a telescope that doubled as a prop, the juggling astronomer dazzled audiences while shedding light on the cosmic choreography of the cosmos.

The Quantum Hair Stylist Title: “Haircuts in Parallel Universes”

Why did the stylist study quantum mechanics?

Because they believed that every haircut was a matter of probability, with infinite possibilities for each strand of hair! Armed with a dimensional hairbrush and a multiverse mirror, the quantum hair stylist snipped and styled hair in countless dimensions, leaving clients with hairstyles that were simultaneously edgy and classical across parallel worlds.