Oprah Winfrey recalled what she had said to Tina Turner when it was time for her to depart this world: “She would be ‘Excited’”

Oprah Winfrey has taken time to consider their enduring friendship after Tina Turner’s tragic passing at 83. Now 69 years old, Oprah used Instagram to post memorable pictures of her and Turner that she had taken over the years.

Winfrey expressed her sorrow at hearing of Turner’s passing on Wednesday by paying respect to the renowned performer.

Reminiscing about how they first met, Winfrey shared that she started as Tina Turner’s enthusiastic admirer, growing into one as she followed her to concerts nationwide. Their paths eventually crossed, and a sincere relationship developed.

Winfrey succinctly put it this way: “She is our eternal rock ‘n’ roll goddess, possessing an unwavering inner strength that grew exponentially throughout her life.”

Turner served as Winfrey’s hero and a universal role model. Winfrey was encouraged by the legendary vocalist to explore undiscovered parts of herself. She became a symbol of bravery for Winfrey, who gave Turner credit for inspiring her to live bravely.

Winfrey was impressed by Turner’s fortitude as she overcame years of domestic abuse and turned her life into a triumphant tribute. Winfrey showed that victory is possible while sporting a leather miniskirt and Manolo shoes by praising and recognizing Turner’s bravery.

In a touching discussion, Winfrey recalled, Turner revealed her lack of dread when confronting the inevitable conclusion of her stay on Earth. Turner, though encouraged by her devoted husband Erwin and valued friends, welcomed her impending voyage with wonder and enthusiasm. Winfrey learned priceless life lessons from her capacity to live.

Winfrey sincerely acknowledged that her friendship with the music great had changed her into a better lady and human being. She expressed gratitude for the tremendous influence Turner had on her life. Turner’s energy and grit profoundly impacted Winfrey, leaving an everlasting mark on her soul.

Winfrey uploaded a video of herself and Turner playing the famous song “The Best” on stage in addition to her comforting words. This video serves as a monument to the unforgettable moments they experienced together by encapsulating Turner’s fascinating world.

Winfrey described the excitement and trepidation she experienced while dancing with Turner in Los Angeles during the “Wildest Dreams” tour. Turner’s courage was evident in her capacity to motivate and inspire people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, and Winfrey was glad for the chance to share in that unique moment.

With O, The Oprah Magazine, Winfrey also discussed a life-changing encounter while seeing a Tina Turner concert in 2005. For Winfrey, seeing Turner perform was a very spiritual experience. She spoke of feeling inspired and encouraged to become a better version of herself in the presence of a true artist.

Winfrey was deeply moved by Turner’s alluring stage presence, enhanced by her vivacious swings in a mini skirt and the grace of her three-inch Manolos.

Tragically, Tina Turner passed away at 83 in her home in the Swiss canton of Zurich after a protracted illness. Millions worldwide loved her music; her unbridled zeal for life inspired future generations.

An emotional tribute posted on Turner’s Instagram page expressed a fond farewell to a friend and recognized her enormous artistic accomplishments. The globe mourns the loss of Tina Turner, and her bereaved family is given our sincere sympathies.

Her music and incomparable character will sadly be missed by her followers and admirers, leaving an unfillable vacuum in their hearts.