Praying for Brooke Shields: A Resilient Actress

We come together today to send our heartfelt prayers to the adored actress Brooke Shields. Recently, she endured a challenging journey after breaking her femur in a January accident, undergoing multiple operations to repair the damage.

To add to her ordeal, she also battled a painful staph infection. Despite the immense pain, Shields consciously decided not to rely on solid prescription medications during her recovery.

A Brave Decision

Shields, at 55 years old, chose to avoid opiates like OxyContin or Vicodin, fearing their addictive potential. Instead, she opted for over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol.

Speaking at The Marie Claire Power Trip: Off the Grid event, she shared her thought process, saying, “I didn’t want to leave the hospital completely pain-free, only to return home and feel unbearable pain. I would rather bear excruciating pain while still in the hospital.”

Understanding Pain

One of Shields’ motivations for this choice was her desire to discern between the pain she was already experiencing and any additional injury that might occur during her recovery.

She explains, “I wanted to familiarize myself with the pain and understand the difference between normal pain and further injury. When you start feeling pain, you might think you’ve been hurt again, even if you’re not as severely injured as you think.”

Shields acknowledges the fear that can arise when experiencing pain at home, away from the safety of the hospital. She wanted to recognize and say, “Oh, I remember when I felt that agony,” without feeling like a victim.

Navigating Medical Advice

However, Shields faced challenges when convincing the medical staff of her choice. She recounts her experience, asking, “What over-the-counter medication can I take at the highest safe dosage? Also, I don’t want a prescription.

Everyone is so quick to offer you Oxy.” Shields encountered a medical system heavily reliant on prescribing powerful painkillers.

Taking a Stand Against Opioid Misuse

Brooke Shields firmly believes using potent painkillers contributes to the nationwide opioid crisis. However, her choice to abstain from opioids is not about being a hero.

Instead, she encourages others to explore options such as ice, physical therapy, stretching, Advil, or Tylenol. Shields admits that she would occasionally resort to Tylenol PM when having trouble falling asleep.

A Journey of Recovery

Shields has made remarkable progress despite her difficulties in the months since her tragic accident. While she still experiences significant bone pain, she is grateful for the activities she can engage in, like SoulCycle and Pilates.

Shields emphasizes the importance of physical therapy and weight training to strengthen the muscles that support her joints and ligaments.

Shields has gained valuable insights and knowledge about resilience and overcoming challenges through her journey. Let us continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers as she perseveres in her recovery.