Richard Gere’s Reluctant Journey to “Pretty Woman”

When we think of the classic romantic film “Pretty Woman,” it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Richard Gere playing the dashing Prince Charming to Julia Roberts’ enchanting damsel in distress.

Gere’s portrayal of Edward, who overcomes his fears to rescue Vivian, remains etched in our memories. But what many need to learn is that Gere initially refused the role.

An Unexpected Twist

While Charles Grodin was considered for the part, Julia Roberts convinced Gere to embrace the character that would define his career. During a reunion in 2015, the cast of this beloved 1990 romantic comedy revealed previously undisclosed details about Gere’s casting.

From Darkness to Light

“Pretty Woman” initially started as a far darker story called “3000.” It followed the journey of a drug-addicted prostitute, leading to an unhappy ending.

However, with the involvement of legendary producer and screenwriter Garry Marshall and Disney’s influence, the film transformed into the heartwarming tale we know and love today.

Overcoming Initial Apprehension

Gere had reservations about taking on the lead role. He described it as feeling like “nothing” and compared it to putting a suit on a goat. Despite considering other actors for the part, Marshall was determined to secure Gere’s involvement, recognizing the undeniable chemistry between Gere and Roberts.

Marshall’s Magic Touch

Garry Marshall, noted director famous films such as “Runaway Bride” and “Valentine’s Day,” had an important role in crafting the right on-screen coupling.

He orchestrated opportunities for Gere and Roberts to connect off-screen, fostering a genuine bond that would translate into captivating on-screen chemistry.

A Turning Point for Gere

Gere recalls his first meeting with Roberts vividly. Roberts gave him a paper with the three words “Please say yes” on it during a meeting that Marshall had set up. Gere’s ecstatic response cemented his fate, and he became an essential part of the beloved picture “Pretty Woman.”

An Enduring Legacy

The success of “Pretty Woman” is undeniably linked to the undeniable chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Together, they brought the characters’ triumphs and their “happily ever after” to life, creating a timeless love story that continues to captivate hearts across generations.

Unveiling More Secrets

“Pretty Woman” stands as a testament to the power of destiny and the magic that can happen when the perfect actors are paired.