If you’ve ever worked as a waitress, you are aware of how physically demanding the job is and how difficult it is to earn tips.

Imagine performing this physically demanding job when almost 8 months pregnant.

Courtney English, 23, is expecting her first child. She works as a waitress at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey as she gets ready to give birth.

The devoted waitress is working hard to pay the bills while getting ready for her big arrival.

She serves a local police officer while working her shift, holding her baby and smiling as normal.

Even if his bill totals $8.75, what he writes on it moves Courtney to tears.

Prior to the birth of her kid, the hardworking waitress is seeking to save as much money as she can.

Courtney’s father Brian Cadigan described his daughter as “a strong young girl.”

English served a new face among her tables of regulars on a busy Friday: a Voorhees County police officer.

The cop entered the restaurant for lunch, and she served him with her trademark smile as they conversed informally.

After finishing his lunch, he paid the cashier and walked out of the restaurant.

When it came time to receive the check, his bill amounted $8.75. He didn’t, however, just leave the regular money and tip. He made national headlines for what he scribbled on his bill.

‘It came from the bottom of my heart’

Enjoy your first, the Voorhees police officer said on his receipt. You will never forget it. She received a $100 tip in addition to his $8.75 check.

It was genuine, she said. “It really moved her,” Brian, her father said. “There were lots of moments where she got a big tip, but it was just the tiny remark that got her.”

Courtney was so overwhelmed that she ran to her supervisor, weeping. Her father posted her story on Facebook, where it soon gained popularity. This kind act touched so many people.

What a considerate police officer, this waitress deserved a break after all her hard work!

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