While on his way to work last week, Lewis had no idea he would save a life. But in reality, he did just that.

Lewis, an elementary school teacher in Kentucky, chose a side route on Thursday morning because he was running a bit late. Although he was running, Lewis saw something noticeably different there on that quiet country road.

When I spotted the garbage bag laying in the middle of the road, I wondered, “Did I really see that trash bag move? When I got closer I saw it was indeed moving, I found it difficult to process. I had the feeling right away that there was life within that bag, and I wanted to free it.

As Lewis’ car approaches, the caged animal can be seen stumbling in her direction.

Lewis approached the sack cautiously since he wasn’t sure whether there was a deadly animal inside. Nevertheless, he kept providing help.

I cautiously tore up a corner of the bag because it was tied up in a knot and had a look inside, he added. He discovered a pup. Undoubtedly, he was happy to see me. He began to wag his tail as soon as I opened it and let some light in.

He realized everything was OK. I found it impossible to believe someone would do that.

Lewis decided to bring the puppy with him despite the fact that it had a collar but no tag identifying his place of birth. (Taking into account that he was still running late.)

He claimed, “I just placed him in my lap and drove to school.” “I took him in because I couldn’t just leave him in the car. “You have a dog?”, the principal said when she saw me. It’s a lengthy story, I said.

Lewis asked his son to pick up the dog and bring him inside their house for protection. After that incomprehensible act of cruelty, they ultimately took him to the hospital to make sure he was genuinely okay.

He said, “We got him his vaccinations. He seems happy and in good health.”

Whether the dog was abandoned by its owner or if someone else may have stolen it and left it there after snatching him is unknown.

Despite the fact that police are investigating into the incident, Lewis asserts that he is certain that it was done on purpose and that the dog would have likely perished if he hadn’t been fortunate enough to see him in time.

“Who could subject any animal to such treatment? Regardless of who you are, everyone adores puppies “ he spoke. “To throw an animal, regardless of species, in a trash bag and leave it by the side of the road is just heartless. They did that with extremely ill intentions.”

Fortunately, not just at that difficult moment but for his whole life, the dog was able to find the right person to help him.

Lewis and his family have already gotten to know the small puppy that he saved, despite the fact that it has only been a few days. His name, Hefty, reveals the circumstances of his unexpected discovery.

For him, things are now better.

Lewis and his family have made the decision to give Hefty a permanent home since they believe that no one will ever come forward to claim him.

Everyone loves the dog, Lewis stated, going on to say, “He will be loved and have a fulfilling life with us. Simply put, I’m grateful that I was in a position to save him at the appropriate time and place.”