She shared a photo of her daughter in the park on Facebook, and after seeing the picture, friends and family voiced their concerns.

They were perplexed when they saw the photograph of the child at a park with her arms in front of her trunk.

The girl’s legs look long and skinny, but this is an optical illusion.

The photo stunned social media users, but upon closer inspection, they noticed the small girl was carrying a bag of popcorn with a pattern that matched the grass she was standing on.

The photo quickly went viral on Facebook, receiving over 250,000 shares and over 37,000 comments.

Many were particularly taken with what they saw, and many shared this stunning image with their friends so that they might also appreciate its beauty.

Several individuals have been perplexed when confronted with this Viral Optical Illusion. While a few experienced persons could solve it quickly, others found it challenging and required assistance.

An image of a girl taking a large bag of popcorn that mirrors the dried-out grass behind her has been included to explain the answer further.

Because the solution may be challenging to see with the naked eye, a clear image was added. A bright yellow ring surrounds the popcorn bag, indicating the correct answer.

The graphic should provide sufficient clarity for those still struggling with the solution.

When tragedy struck, the little girl had been enjoying a day out with her family: her popcorn bag became lost. It blended in so perfectly that it appeared like the poor girl had grown tiny legs.

Her expression indicated she was disappointed, either because they were leaving and she couldn’t catch another ride on the Ferris wheel or perhaps because her father had made a poor dad joke.

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