‘Take You With Me,’ Luke Combs’ moving tribute to his kid

The song “Take You With Me” from Luke Combs’ current album, Gettin’ Old, is a poignant dedication to his son, Tex Lawrence. The touching ballad, written with James McNair and Rob Williford, focused on the memories shared between father and son.

Combs reminisces about teaching his kid life’s little lessons, such as teaching him how to drive and advising him on how to approach each scenario.

He remembers his child asking, “Daddy, what does that mean, that small turtle and a rabbit?”

The words of this song emphasize the necessity of cherishing these times spent with loved ones before they pass us by.

It is a poignant reminder to fathers everywhere that every moment counts with their children.

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole revealed their second child’s pregnancy and offered a sneak peek of “Take You With Me” to commemorate the occasion.

The song muses on shared experiences and how memories remain forever. Combs expresses his love for his partner by singing “I’ll take you with me” in the chorus.

The album’s title track is also about a particular stage in Combs’ life. He considers the fleeting essence of youth and how the words “I’ll take you with me” have come to mean more to him with time.

Getting Old covers this stage and urges listeners to treasure moments with those they care about.

Luke Combs is ready to celebrate life in the present while honoring the past as he starts on his highly anticipated World Tour.

He talks about his life with the message that we should grow up, value our relationships, and be aware of how much time we have on this planet.

His tour will take him to 35 locations in the United States and abroad, including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, and France.

The journey will end in London. Combs hopes that his music will impart a sense of gratitude for people around us and leave a lasting legacy.