Terri Irwin “almost died” after seeing the frightening images of her teenage son Robert being devoured by a 13-foot crocodile.

This month, footage of Robert Irwin, the 18-year-old son of Terri Irwin and the late Steve Irwin, narrowly avoiding becoming prey to a saltwater crocodile named Casper at the Australia Zoo was released.

While feeding the massive reptile, Robert had to run for his life when it rushed at him. This shocked Terri, especially since her husband died in 2006 after a short-tail stingray stabbed him in the chest.

Terri Irwin, the late Crocodile Hunter’s widow, was taken aback when she saw Robert Irwin’s a close call with death.

According to a confidante, the 57-year-old mother is still deeply traumatized by her husband’s abrupt death.

Terri worries that her teenage son, following in his father’s footsteps as a wildlife handler, might be too similar to Steve.

A crocodile nearly killed 18-year-old Robert at the Australia Zoo recently.

In the video, he can be heard telling other zookeepers to run as Casper, a rare leucistic saltwater crocodile with a length of 3.7 meters and a weight of 350 kilos, charged towards him, ignoring the food placed in his freshly constructed enclosure.

Robert had been trying different things to see if Casper would be comfortable in the zoo’s shows. Sadly, the beast dashed towards the teen, its jaws snapping menacingly.

As the giant reptile got closer, the man ran for his life and cried for help as loudly as possible.

He was desperate to escape and hoped someone would hear his urgent appeal. His pulse beat faster as he ran, not daring to look back at the growing animal behind him.

Anyone within hearing distance could hear the dread in his voice as it resonated through the air. He ran faster than ever before because he knew he might be eaten whole by this terrifying thing at any minute.

Fans of the popular US television show Crikey! In the season finale, the Irwins were treated to a heart-stopping moment when Robert Irwin almost escaped from a leucistic saltwater crocodile named Casper.

Animals with leucism have much less black skin pigmentation than other animals of the same age, which makes them look lighter.

Robert recorded this dangerous situation and shared it with his social media followers, who were shocked by how close he came to dying.

Casper, a saltwater crocodile at the Australia Zoo, is known as one of the most aggressive crocodiles they have ever seen. Casper is thought to have had a terrible start in life, possibly being preyed upon when he was younger.

Despite his demeanor, he has made friends with another similarly-conditioned female crocodile, Wendy. The people who work at the zoo will be very interested in following their lives as they move through the world.

Casper is a very extraordinary creature, suffering from the sporadic illness known as leucism. This means he has much less dark pigment in his skin than other saltwater crocodiles, making him much lighter.

His unique appearance makes him stand out from the rest of the population and makes people want to see the exciting reptile.