The mother rushed to the hospital to give birth, and the infant’s size surprised the physicians.

As parents, we naturally believe that our child is unique, unlike any other youngster. All parents generally hold this belief in their child’s uniqueness and specialness.

Chrissy Corbitt, a 29-year-old mother, understands this emotion intimately. Chrissy believed she knew everything there was to know about pregnancy after giving birth to two enormously hefty kids weighing nine and ten pounds, respectively.

She had no idea her last pregnancy would be a completely different experience. Chrissy and her physicians both suspected that her baby would weigh more than nine pounds during the early stages of her pregnancy.

“The size of her belly continued to grow, resembling an expanding beach ball,” the baby’s father, Larry, recalls.

Baby Carleigh, who was eventually born via C-section (a great relief! ), arrived on May 13, 2017, weighing an astounding 13 pounds and 5 ounces.

Everyone in the delivery room applauded and rejoiced at this unexpected outcome. “I had never experienced anything like that before,” Chrissy says.

Carleigh’s unusual size presented an unexpected issue, as she was too big to fit into the conventional newborn outfits that her parents had meticulously prepared.

Even diapers were a problem! Despite having experienced parenthood four times before and believing themselves to be experts, Carleigh’s parents were surprised by her size.

Larry jokingly says, “We ended up donating all the items we had purchased in anticipation of her arrival at a local church.” Carleigh was only three weeks old when she began wearing baby clothes designed for a nine-month-old infant.

While Carleigh’s size is undeniably impressive, she does not hold the record for the largest infant born, and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, a newborn born in 1879 weighed an incredible 22 pounds at birth.

However, Chrissy is exceptionally proud of her daughter, claiming, “Carleigh is an incredibly joyful baby, always displaying a radiant smile.” “I just can’t get enough of her.”