The reveal of the entire cast, as well as information on how to watch Dancing with the Stars 2023, has been announced.

The upcoming season of the beloved television show is set to feature a fantastic ensemble of known stars and esteemed personalities.

The network recently revealed the cast for the upcoming season, which is nothing short of a constellation of celebrities, sparking explosive action among die-hard fans of the much-loved show. The open Dancing with the Stars season will include a great galaxy of stars.

Australia’s acclaimed culinary expert, the venerable Matt Preston, esteemed Olympians Sally Pearson and James Magnussen, and podcast sensation and dynamic radio host Laura Byrne will be among the brilliant names gracing the dance floor.

Mary Coustas, Pia Miranda, and stage and screen legends Virginia Gay and Christie Whelan Browne will all be present with them.

All of these notable figures will compete not only for their philanthropic organizations but also for the coveted Dancing with the Stars mirrorball trophy.

The sensational singing talent of Phil Burton from Human Nature, the iconic Australian Idol figure Pauline, the beloved star from Home and Away Emily Weir, the resident landscaping expert from Better Homes and Gardens, the accomplished Charlie Albone, the revered AFL icon Gavin Wanganeen, and the brilliant Issa Shultz from The Chase Australia round out the stellar lineup.

This extraordinary group has diligently honed their cha-cha and rumba talents to wow spectators with their spectacular performances in the highly anticipated and sumptuous 2023 season.

To give the show a new twist, the celebrities will be separated into two groups and perform their dance skills on alternating nights throughout the season.

Combining the scores of the picky judges and the fervent studio audience will determine the leaderboard rankings.

“Australia’s appetite for Dancing with the Stars is insatiable, and witnessing their cherished personalities step outside their comfort zones is a pure delight,” said Angus Ross, Seven’s Chief Content Officer of Entertainment Programming.

This season features the fiercest and most competitive collection of performers we’ve ever had, and we can’t wait for spectators to see their astonishing moves.”

The dynamic pair of Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger will return as the respected hosts of Dancing with the Stars for the upcoming season. The incredible lineup for Dancing with the Stars 2023 has an astonishing array of recognized personalities:

Better Homes and Gardens landscaper Charlie Albone
Christie Whelan Browne is a well-known actor.
Emily Weir is a famous Home and Away actor.
Gavin Wanganeen is an AFL legend.
Issa Schultz: The Pursuit Australia’s extraordinary Supernerd
Olympic medalist James Magnussen
Laura Byrne is a charming podcaster and radio broadcaster.
Mary Coustas is a funny comedian and actor.
Matt Preston is a well-known broadcaster and culinary journalist.
Paulini is an enthralling performer.
Phil Burton is a superb vocalist.
Pia Miranda is a famous actress.
Olympic gold winner Sally Pearson is a well-known 7NEWS presenter.
Virginia Gay is a renowned actor.

In this much-anticipated season of the popular dance extravaganza, each of these illustrious stars will compete in a gripping competition.

An esteemed panel of experts and the devoted public will evaluate their outstanding performances, and their collective judgment will determine the competition’s course.