Angelina Jolie needs prayers during this challenging time.

It is widely known that the stunningly gorgeous Angelina Jolie had preemptive surgical surgery in the past that included the removal of both her breasts and uterus. This came to light in 2013 when the famous actress underwent a mastectomy and hysterectomy.

A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the uterus. Hysterectomy is the most commonly performed treatment for gynecological procedures, excluding cesarean sections.

On the other hand, a mastectomy entails the surgical removal of the breast and is often performed when breast cancer is identified. Until the 1980s, mastectomy was virtually always the preferred treatment for breast cancer.

Angelina Jolie chose to have this prophylactic mastectomy because she is terrified of cancer and wants to eliminate the hazard at its source.

The acclaimed American actress revealed in an article titled “My Medical Choice,” published in The New York Times that she chose the procedure because she carries a “faulty” gene that dramatically increases her chances of developing ovarian and breast cancer.

“As an Oscar-winning actress, I am a carrier of the BRCA1 gene, which significantly increases my vulnerability to breast and ovarian cancer,” Angelina Jolie explained.

“When I became aware of my situation, I decided to take proactive measures to minimize the risks as much as possible,” she continued.

“I chose a preemptive double mastectomy,” the artist explained further. I began with the breasts because the risk of breast cancer is higher than ovarian cancer, and the surgical technique is more complex.”

Angelina Jolie reduced her odds of contracting cancer by an astounding 87% thanks to her procedure. “I can now reassure my children that they don’t have to live in fear of losing me to cancer,” she said.

Nonetheless, the pain of losing her mother is still fresh in her mind. Angelina Jolie paid tribute to her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, by posting a rare photo of herself on Instagram and a heartfelt statement.

The 47-year-old actress spoke about her mother’s long struggle with breast and ovarian cancer and urged women worldwide to prioritize routine medical check-ups.

“My mother’s 73rd birthday would have been tomorrow. She died 15 years ago after a long battle with breast and ovarian cancer,” Angelina wrote. “I’ll be approaching the age at which she was diagnosed in June.”

“While I have had preventive surgeries to reduce the risks, I remain vigilant with regular check-ups,” she continued, referring to her double mastectomy and hysterectomy.

“I implore you all to invest time in self-care and schedule mammograms, blood tests, or ultrasounds, especially if cancer runs in your family.” “#worldovariancancerday,” Angelina Jolie concluded in her poignant remark.