Tom Selleck and Bridget Moynahan said of Treat Williams’ death, “We lost a good one.”

The tragic news of Treat Williams’ untimely death in a horrific motorcycle accident on Monday has devastated the cast of CBS’s well-known sitcom.

TThey conveyed their heartfelt condolences and swore to remember him always. Treat Williams, a talented performer, died prematurely at the age of 71, leaving a void in the Blue Bloods family.

Treat Williams had a close friendship with Tom Selleck, who plays New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan in the lasting criminal thriller. “Life is fleeting, and we occupy our chairs for a brief moment,” Tom, 78, said.

My beloved friend, treat, embraced his chair brilliantly and had a great name. While I will miss him greatly, his memory will live forever.” Treat Williams’ passing deeply affected Bridget Moynahan, who played Erin Reagan on the program.

She considered him an “actor’s actor” and valued the opportunity to work with him. “He not only set an example on-screen, but also off-screen,” Moynahan, 52, said.

His unshakable love and devotion to his family were outstanding characteristics. We have truly lost a terrific person.”

Vanessa Ray, who played Eddie Janko-Reagan’s wife on the program, expressed her respect for Treat Williams on Instagram.

During a family dinner, she told a touching story about him and revealed her involvement in the Broadway production of Hair.

When Treat heard this, he began singing songs from the musical, demonstrating his brilliance, generosity, and creative attractiveness. Ray smiled affectionately as she said, “Rest now, sweet Berger.”

In his recurring role as Lenny Ross, Treat Williams shared multiple images from the Blue Bloods set on social media before his terrible death.

One post from August 2021 shows him alongside Tom Selleck. In the caption, he offered gratitude to Selleck and the entire Blue Bloods cast, emphasizing how much fun he had working with them.

He modestly referred to them as “two old pros,” exemplifying the on-set friendliness.

Treat Williams’ agent of 15 years, Barry McPherson, announced his death and underlined the actor’s excellent talent and friendly character.

“He embodied the essence of an actor, beloved by filmmakers and the heart of Hollywood since the late 1970s,” McPherson said, reflecting on their professional collaboration.

Treat Williams was riding his motorcycle near his Vermont home when tragedy struck. A motorist failed to spot Williams on his bike as it turned onto Route 30 near Dorset, Vermont, resulting in a crash.

The actor suffered severe injuries and was taken to a hospital in Albany, New York, where he died. Authorities are still looking into the circumstances behind the collision.

Aside from the Blue Bloods cast, many of Treat Williams’ friends and colleagues have paid respect to the late actor on social media.

Melissa Gilbert, Wendell Pierce, and Kim Cattrall are among the many celebrities who have sent heartfelt messages in honor of this extraordinary person’s life and legacy.