When a girl invites him to be her date, the boy rejects her before the dance and realizes his desire has come true.

The moving story of a little boy with Down Syndrome who suffered rejection when he invited a girl to be his homecoming date attracted the attention of the FOX5 Surprise Squad in an unusual turn of events.

They went to great lengths to make this little boy’s prom a unique occasion, organizing a series of surprises that would shape his life forever.

Daniel Rivas, 17, had resigned himself to attending the prom without a date until an unbelievable offer came his way. Kyle Fronius, a remarkable girl with a golden heart, approached him and asked to be his partner for the night.

Daniel’s impairment was insignificant in her view since she considered him an equal—a fellow student who merely had a different learning style. Kyle was outstanding because of her uncommon perspective.

This heartfelt gesture not only moved Daniel, but it also struck a chord with his mother, Tonya. She was overcome with appreciation, taking solace in the fact that someone could look past her son’s deformity and appreciate him for who he was.

When the Fox5 Surprise Squad discovered the whole tale, they began organizing surprises for Daniel and Kyle, determined to create memories that would last a lifetime.

It was apparent that these deserving adolescents were about to receive gifts beyond their wildest imaginations.

Monika Jackson, a squad member, approached the young couple and expressed how their story had touched the hearts of so many people. As a result, the surprises began to unfold.

The first surprise was an exquisite Rolls Royce—a gorgeous vehicle transporting the couple to the dance in unsurpassed splendor.

They took an extraordinary detour to Bistro 57 before heading to the homecoming, where they savored a particularly exceptional feast.

The encounter took Tonya aback, as she had regularly passed by the restaurant but had never had the opportunity or money to engage in its offers.

As Daniel and Kyle approached the venue where the festivities would take place, they were astounded to see a brilliant red carpet laid out just for them. It was an incredible sight that made them feel like actual celebrities, their joy shining from their beaming faces.

They did not know this was just the beginning of an incredible revelation. The Fox5 Surprise Squad revealed, to the delight of bystanders and cheers, that both Daniel and Kyle had been given an all-expenses-paid trip to the enchanted realm of Disneyland.

It was a dream realized, a monument to the significance of their narrative. Indeed, the film documenting their voyage had already received over 4.8 million views on Fox’s YouTube account, capturing the hearts of millions.

This story is a powerful lesson, reminding us of the importance of treating everyone equally, recognizing our common humanity, and rejecting delusions of superiority.

It emphasizes the transforming power of simple acts of kindness, demonstrating how they can profoundly change lives.


Allow the video to impart vital wisdom to you as you prepare to witness the finale of this remarkable night. The biggest surprise of all is yet to come, and it will leave an indelible stamp on your psyche.