While refurbishing an old pub, they discovered this stairwell that headed down beneath a hatch.

A small group of daring teenagers devised an ambitious plan to resurrect an old, deserted bar. They were immediately intrigued by the strange aura of the location, which appeared to be stuck in time.

Then, they decided to take up the project and breathe fresh life into the once-loved establishment. With social media generating hundreds of likes and comments worldwide, it was evident that this remarkable trip was just getting started.

The pair were enthralled by what they saw as they looked downwards. A hefty lid lay on the ground, and as they moved it, they discovered a seemingly endless staircase. A secret destination could not be seen from where they stood at the steps’ bottom. They plunged into the unknown, taking deep breaths to stabilize themselves.

They stopped in wonder as soon as their feet touched the steps at the bottom of the stairway. They were stunned by the sheer beauty of it all. What should have been a mundane place has been converted into something extraordinary – a gorgeous chamber filled with objects from another age.

This is how it looked:

The booth appeared to be an antique, plucked from another period. With its hardwood seats and lovely paintwork, it had a timeless charm. It radiates history – stories of meals shared in laughing, secrets spoken in confidence.

This weathered but sturdy booth had seen many years pass but remained a pleasant remembrance of days gone by. I couldn’t help but smile as we nestled into our table for our supper, thinking that perhaps we were writing our chapter in its fairytale narrative. This was a truly unique location.

It seemed almost amazing that such a remnant from a bygone era could still bring such joy in the present. We sat there, relishing in its warmth, eating our lunch, and creating memories to last a lifetime.